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Bianchi Industry After Sales

A team of professionals who work to ensure the maintenance of the best performance of all Bianchi Vending, Brasilia and BI-Shop products.
Bianchi Industry After Sales has over time increasingly entered the Group's commercial world: today, the B2B* portal provides the customer with a direct service for requesting and purchasing spare parts.

The goal of Bianchi Industry After Sales is to increase the efficiency of the Bianchi Industry Group's management of spare parts.

Spares management and supply service

  • Management and distribution of spare parts for the Bianchi Vending and Brasilia brands both directly and through the B2B* portal that can be logged into.
  • Development of dedicated special spare parts kits for the individual customer.
  • General spare parts supply (e.g. solenoid valves that are compatible with other brands).
  • Analysis of customer spare parts portfolio and linked services.
*enables spare parts to be ordered online and the technical documentation to be uploaded.

Bianchi Industry After Sales Srl

Via Primo Maggio 6, 10043 Orbassano, Torino, Italy, t. +39.011.902.3830, f. +39.011.900.0578