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Bianchi customer care

Technical Training – Bianchi Academy

The courses designed for customers cover all areas of Bianchi Industry, from the vending market to the Ho.Re.Ca., including the more complex and specialized sector of software programming. Specifically, training courses in hardware and software management are run for distributors of master and slave programmes for hot beverages ( LEI200, LEI400, LEI500, LEI600, LEI700, LEI700 Plus, LEI700 Plus 2 Cups) or cold beverages (Vista L/M Master and Aria S/M/L) distributors. Ho.Re.Ca.customers can attend courses on installation, programming, dismantling and maintenance for dedicated bar machines like Rito, Moda, Lucia, Sofia and Maior. Lastly, important software management courses are run on VSPS, WinShell Bianchi, programming, firmware and Web areas.

Technical assistance

If you are one of our customers and need technical assistance, call Customer Care on +39 035 450 2111 or send us anemail. One of our experts will be there to deal promptly with your needs. For us, the sale is just the start of a partnership in which your trust is at the centre of our work.

Bianchi Industry Academy has been set up to offer all customers excellence and a service that helps them grow their business.